Get Your MOJO Back!

I take the pressure off (mainly) fatigued mums and dads who think they have to exercise for hours every day (and eat like a bird) to make a positive, ever-lasting change to their health and well-being. Through education and accountability I re-energise and transform their bodies and minds so they live active and healthy lives (and feel strong, confident, and sexy in their own skin! 😉)

Steve Johnson


You become unstoppable when you fall in love with the process, not just the progress.

Steve set me up to succeed with guidance on how to improve the quality of the sessions rather than the quantity. The change in my energy levels was a welcome change too.



Something You Need to Know

I can't help you if...
  • you’re looking for a quick fix;
  • you’re looking for meal plans;
  • you’re looking for a magical supplement that will help you drop 35 Kg in a few months without having to work for it; or
  • you want someone there to tell you what you want to hear just to make you feel better.
I can help you if...
  • you want to look and feel your best;
  • are sick of feeling like crap both physically and mentally; and
  • are prepared to invest the time and effort into yourself because you know you are damn well worth it!

So How Do We Do It?


FIRE will produce dramatic changes in health and body shape for both men and women regardless of age. 


ICE is a science-based approach to group training that maximises fitness & fat loss!

Metabolic Nutrition

Supercharge your workout results and eat lots of delicious food, all without counting a single calorie!

What Are People Saying?

There are lots of fitness classes around, but few will have such a knowledgeable and dedicated leader like Steve.

John Beales

I lost over 20kg in fat, built muscle and significantly improved my fitness and most importantly my outlook on life.

Mitchell Kemmis

ICE is half an hour well spent. You slowly realise that you build strength and feel good about yourself.

Naida Speziale

Come along if you want to get fitter, stronger and work out with a friendly community of like minded people.

Virginia Gahan

Is it Your Time to Change?

About Steve

More than just a PT - he specialises in solving problems and helping you look, feel, and function your very best.

Steve is a transformation specialist and metabolic nutritionist and specialises in helping (mainly Mums and Dads) win back their health and fitness through a sensible, everlasting, holistic approach.

Steve understands that just selling workouts does not solve 99% of the population's problems. People needed more - they needed a clear path to follow in how to gain more self-confidence, improve their health, and improve the way they looked and functioned as they got older.

However for him to take people on a life-changing body transformation journey, he believed he needed to 'walk-the-walk' in order to 'talk-the-talk'. Now that he has done that, and has sustained the changes, you know you are in good hands if you too want to make a change; be it a few kilos, 3 dress sizes, or just to get more active.

I'd love to talk about what matters to you. Ask me anything you want.