The Eternally Fit Story

Like most trainers, it all started in a commercial gym. That only lasted 6 months as it was not really my style so I started to provide outdoor classes as well as helping a few private and semi-private clients.

I now own a transformation studio where my ICE,  FIRE , Online Transformation, Face to Face Transformation Programs are making a truly positive impact on people's lives.
My studio (aka the 'FIRE Pit') started in 2018 after being shown (in late 2017) how to create everlasting, sustainable, and life-changing body transformations. Now THIS was more my style.

However for me to take people on such a life-changing body transformation journey, I needed to 'walk-the-walk' in order to 'talk-the-talk' (if you know what I mean). Now that I have done that, and have sustained the changes, you know you are in good hands if you too want to make a change; be it a few kilos, 3 dress sizes, or just to get more active.

Why Eternally Fit?

There are loads of trainers and gyms out there, so what makes Eternally Fit different? I think that comes down to my values:
🥇I lead and inspire both inside and outside of the training environment.
🥇I pursue excellence and strive for progress.
🥇I am world class in what I do and how I do it.
🥇I have the personal touch, am friendly, happy, caring, and passionate.
And my vision? To Transform your body and mind so you too can live an active and healthy life - that is, become Eternally Fit (yes, I know that's pretty corny, but it's the truth 😄).