Diets Work

October 13, 2020  
Diets Work (for a while, at least)

“Hey Steve, what do you think of (insert latest diet here)?”

Me: “All diets are the same. They tell you what to do and what to eat but they don’t teach or educate you.”

“But I’ve been following (insert latest diet here) this past week, I’ve dropped 2kg and I feel amazing!”

Me: “Yes. Any diet will do that, because they’re all the same.”

Most people worry about which diet is best. But every diet is the same: “Eat this amount of lean protein, this amount of carbs, and this amount of fat.” If you look closely, the only difference is a small % change with either more fat or more carbs.

But the problem is, most people are way too close to their own problem, and usually the real problem has nothing to do with the diet in the first place.

It doesn’t matter which diet you do because they all work. The macro breakdowns and carb-to-fat ratios are a minor consideration and only make up about 1% of the overall result. Why? Because it’s not what’s on the diet plan that matters, but everything else you STOP doing that determines the other 99% of your results anyway!

Let me give you some examples:

  • Those couple of glasses of wine you have on a every week on a Friday night to wind down after a hard week at work, which adds up to 104 glasses per year;
  • That daily mid-morning latte, which keeps hunger pains away until lunch time (because you never bring enough food to work);
  • Going through the drive-through after a big workout because you’re starving, and “eating something is better than nothing” (mmhmm debatable);
  • Letting the fridge get empty because you can’t be bothered food prepping, and then ordering pizza instead because it’s easier.

Then one day you decide to get on the (insert latest diet) bandwagon. You get your new diet plan and start following it to the letter. And by following the diet plan to the letter you have inadvertently stopped doing all of the above. Which means you started food prepping and stopped letting the fridge get empty. The weekly wines are gone. The mid-morning lattes are gone. The drive-through burger is gone, and so is that last-minute pizza. Because of all this, you are consuming far less “energy bombs”.

Is it any surprise then, that you’ve lost 2kg and started feeling great?

So was it really the carb-to-fat ratio on the new diet plan that made you lose the 2kg, or was it the removal of the wines, the lattes, the burgers and the pizza?

When you think about it, all that diet plan really did was trick you into doing food prepping and eating less junk. It gave you the result you wanted, so technically it worked. But tell me honestly, can you see yourself sticking to that particular diet every day for the rest of your life? Or would you eventually get sick of it?

Wouldn’t it be better to get a little education so you can create your own ‘diet plan’, and therefore change it whenever you want? That way, you’re always making things you enjoy eating, and therefore want less of the rubbish anyway.

If this is something you would like to explore, have a look at my Transformation program which incorporates my Metabolic Nutrition program. You will become empowered to gain control over your food choices and learn how to sustain a healthy and delicious way of eating for the rest of your life.

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