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The Fat Loss e-Course has been put together by my mentor Dr. Paul Cribb, PhD. It's a great introduction into how he, I and other Metabolic Precision trainers change peoples lives as we help them ditch the diets, reclaim their health, vitality, confidence and help them feel strong and sexy in their own skin.

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By Dr. Paul Cribb, PhD. Founder of Metabolic Precision

My philosophy is quite simple. I believe that everyone should know exactly how to achieve the health, fitness and body they’ve always wanted. We all should have easy-to-understand, science-based information on how to achieve a better quality of life via nutrition and exercise.

Over my 20-something years as a personal trainer, educator, research scientist and performance coach, I’ve helped literally thousands of people from all walks of life achieve the body they want.

Most women simply want a firm, shapely body that’s bursting with vitality. Most men want a lean, strong body with great abs. (Most guys would secretly love to have a chiseled six-pack!).

There’s no shortage of books, web sites, videos on how to achieve these goals, so why is it that most people don’t create and keep the body they’ve longed for?

There’s a lot of information about success - not a lot about failure.

Wouldn’t you agree, the quickest path to success is paved by a clear understanding of exactly where you’ve gone wrong in the past?

After all, success is but a moment - a goal achieved. Once attained, people often set new goals. They experience some success but soon after, what they’ve been doing stops working.

Whether you want to just shed a few kilos or build the body of your dreams, this e-course will give you some valuable tools to overcome the obstacles that derail progress.

If you have achieved success in the past, this information will take you to the next level. If you’ve been disappointed with your lack of results, this Free 6-day Fat Loss e-course will be a revelation.

This exciting information is firmly embedded in science. More contemporary research suggests it will change how we approach nutrition and exercise in the future.

Each day for six days, I’ll send you one key aspect you need to focus on. Easy-to-understand information and lots of free material to help get you on your way.

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What's it all About?


Day 1 - Hairy Bag of Chemical Soup

On your first day of the fat loss e-course, I'm going to let you in on the biggest mistake everyone makes when it comes to fat loss.


Day 2 - Most People Exercise the Wrong Way

The fitness industry is lying to you: spend more and more time exercising as soon as you are capable of doing so? Nobody has time for that! 


Day 3 - Smart Soup

The food we feed our bodies and activities we perform is simply information that's constantly fed into The Hairy Bag of Chemical Soup.


Day 4 - Design the Program for You

More and more people today are becoming aware of the value of resistance training. However very few use a program that efficiently produces results.


Day 5 - FDN (Fast Delicious Food)

Can you eat lots of delicious food and get lean? Yep, and you don't have to count a single calorie either!


Day 6 - What is the Best Diet?

A lot of people keep skipping from diet to diet and from one exercise program to another. Why can't they ever find the solution they are looking for?

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