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Create dramatic changes in health and body shape (more muscle, less fat)

Lies Vanmechelan


"Steve set me up to succeed with guidance on how to improve the quality of the sessions rather than the quantity. The change in my energy levels was a welcome change too."

F.I.R.E. is my Focused Intense Resistance Exercise Program and is the only science based, research proven unique form of exercise designed specifically to speed changes in body composition (more muscle and less fat)!

FIRE will produce dramatic changes in health and body shape for both men and women regardless of age. Even if you are new to resistance exercise or you already engage in other sporting activities, even incorporating one F.I.R.E. workout in the week will see you gain benefits in both performance and health.

  • Workouts between 45 and 60 minutes.
  • Just 2-3 FIRE workouts a week!
  • Science-based & research proven!
  • Trigger amazing improvements in strength!
  • Smash training and weight loss plateaus!
  • Experience rapid changes in health and body shape!
  • No matter what your age or fitness level, FIRE will work for you.
  • Each FIRE programs is a 12 week training/2 week recovery cycle paid for over the 14 weeks.
  • We exercise together for motivation & support in semi-private sessions of 2-6 people.

The truth is, guys really want a six pack and females want a firm, shapely body, bursting with vitality! Don’t waste months or years of time and effort. Fast-track your progress safely and effectively by working with a genuine FIRE expert - a nationally accredited Metabolic Precision Level 4 Provider and genuine transformation specialist.

Your Trainer

 Steve Johnson

"So many people spend every day feeling awful about themselves, believing they're stuck in an overweight, unhealthy body forever - it doesn't have to be that way!
Let me help you change your life."

want to change? make the time

"I started the program to get stronger, leaner, and tone up. The first changes I saw was in my over all strength, and as I continued I started to see a real change in body shape. The FIRE program will definitely give you the results you're after if you stick with it and make the time for it."

Josh Farr    (Butcher)

Love the focused sessions

"What I love about the sessions is that they are very focused with only 4-5 exercises per session. 

Even though I still have a bit of ‘padding’ to lose I can feel the muscle development underneath which really helps to speeds up your metabolism and help stop the wobbles! If you’re thinking of getting toned these FIRE sessions are for you – give it a go!!"

Celia Truscott   (Marketing Manager)

Got my spark back

"Being a busy Mum I was always last on my list. I was always tired and a lacked confidence. The FIRE sessions gave me that spark back. I'm still a 'work in progress' but I now have more energy and regained my confidence to wear a bikini. Don't just dip your toe into FIRE. Steve is results driven and to get the result you want, you need to commit to yourself and the process."

Vicki lewthwaite   (TAFE Teacher)
'The Taster'

$ 47.14


1 x Semi-Private FIRE session per Week

3 x FIRE Programs Back-2-Back

'The Ultimate'

$ 115.71


3 x Semi-Private FIRE sessions per Week

3 x FIRE Programs Back-2-Back

'The Committed'

$ 85.71


2 x Semi-Private FIRE sessions per Week

3 x FIRE Programs Back-2-Back

Jill alexander

Marketing Manager

Not only stronger, but more energetic!

Due to COVID I was working from home. As such I was moving less, eating more, feeling lethargic and flat.

After a few weeks of doing FIRE, I felt incredibly sore (the 'good sore'), but was also stronger and more energised!  After my first 12 weeks I was lifting weights I never thought possible (my kids are impressed!), my mood has improved, and I find it much easier to concentrate and be productive at work (still from home).

Kate Fewell

Software Consultant

Developed life changing habits.

In my mid 50s (think Menopause and all that goes with it), I signed up for my first 12 weeks of FIRE + Nutrition.  Needless to say, retraining a 50 something year old metabolism does not happen in 12 weeks, but what does change in 12 weeks is how you feel, and developing new habits is all about how they make you feel.

3 years on and I've developed new life changing, sustainable habits and I love how I feel after a FIRE session.

Annika Stromquist


Health is back on track.

Before starting FIRE I didn’t really have a lot of motivation to look after my health or exercise. My skin was awful my energy levels were low and overall I just felt very sluggish and quite depressed. Starting FIRE was quite daunting but once I got the hang of it my confidence slowly came back. I felt happier and I had a much clearer mind set. I started to really watch what I ate and picked the foods I knew that I needed with the help of Steve’s Metabolic Nutrition program. 

The sessions have allowed me to sleep through the night and my health is finally back on track.

Mitch Kemmis Executive Manager, Personal Injury Finance
John Beales Retired
Amanda Perrie Executive Assistant
Sean Murphy IT Consultant

Now Passionate About Health

Before I met Steve, exercise was something I was never able to commit to or prioritise, it was always easy to find an excuse not to do it. Steve helped me turn exercise and nutrition into a passion. As a result I lost over 20kg in fat, built muscle and significantly improved my fitness and most importantly, my outlook on life. Steve has been a fantastic coach and mentor on my fitness and weight loss journey and continues to push me to achieve more and to be the best version of myself.

Feeling Younger

I retired quite young and soon realised that my body was going into retirement too. To combat the growing mid-drift, I ate less, but frustratingly inches tend to come off everywhere else!

Steve has re-educated me, so I now understand how important it is to feed correctly along with his focused, intense training. This transformation has been a real eye-opener and my body is responding well and saying thank you every day. I can eat as much as I like now and I have energy to spare.

Muscle tone and definition of my younger years has returned, along with body strength that I never had before. Thank you Steve for the insight and for a body that looks and feels like it should.

You Don't Have to Get it 100% Right

I have been doing the Transformation Program now for over 12 months and I can tell you it’s been horrendous, fun, emotional, eye opening and rewarding!

To all of you out there who believe you can ‘transform your entire body in just 12 weeks’ (insert here a photo of a very trim six packed person who once used to be 150kg!!) don’t believe all the BULLSHIT you read and see. This journey is one that takes time, a huge amount of patience and most importantly for you to believe in yourself.

My learnings:

  • Embrace the shit days - we all have them. Don't be of the mindset that you HAVE to get it 100% right straight away otherwise you will fail – you will get there but this takes time.
  • Its OK to stuff up – no-one is going to lock you up and throw away the key.
  • I cannot emphasise how important sleep is.
  • Throw away the scales.
  • Do the tasks Steve sets for you – especially the food diary, he will need this vital bit of info to keep you on track.

The biggest lesson I have learnt, is that I am me, there is no one like me and this means never comparing myself to anyone else. The journey is a hard - if it was easy everyone would have done it by now. I have definitely improved in strength, improved my fitness, am eating regularly, and have a much better knowledge of what I need to do keep moving forward … this is way more than I had/knew when I first started. With these tools, I am committed to continuing the journey to strive and believe that I can get to where I want to be.

Steve focuses on the person and sets realistic goals for that person to achieve so they feel like they have moved along the bar of getting fit.

When we have our sessions, he don’t treat me any special due to my disability. This is rare and valuable skill to have because he treats everyone as a unique and individual person.

The type of training divide is realistic and achievable. Most important, his down to earth and friendly manner makes a real difference. I think he has the X factor. Jesse my guide dog thinks so as well!

"This is all great, but how LONG will it take ME to see the changes?"

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are ready to become the best you can be, let a genuine transformation expert help you.

Let’s create the Future You!