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Flik Bingham


"In three years I lost 30Kg and found muscles that had been hiding under layers of fat for an eternity.

My life had changed, and when I looked in the mirror, I loved the person staring back at me."

Unlimited ICE classes for $25 per week

Endless Hours on the Treadmill to Shed FAT are Over!

Most attempts at cardio wipe out any chance of body shape improvements. I’m sure you know lots of people that spend hours in the gym or on the treadmill and they never change! ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) is a science-based approach to group training that maximises fitness & fat loss! In fact the research behind the ICE principles show you can burn up to 3 times more fat doing this form of cardio exercise! (Check the Timetable)

I design each and every work out so that you can burn as many calories as possible!

Each workout is designed to challenge beginners, 'dead-set fire breathing dragons' and everyone in between.

They are effective, efficient, exhilarating, fun, safe, and result-producing.

We exercise together for motivation and support.

Come and join my amazing community and see just how fun it is – trust me, you’ll want to do ICE with Eternally Fit.

Your Trainer

Steve Johnson

"No one has time to muck around with long, drawn out sessions. For years I have specialised in this form of cardio exercise (and yes, we all need some form of cardio) that allows you to burn fat in your sleep! I've had great success with it, and so have my clients."


Made Me Make Time for Myself

It was all go, go, go - absolutely no time for myself and I would feel SO guilty about not scheduling in ‘self-motivated’ runs. I kept saying to myself ‘Tomorrow I WILL get up for a run!" Tomorrow morning would come, and sleep was sooo much more appealing! And then the guilt would set in...awful! I couldn’t be more de-motivated!!

Being able to book in to an ICE class using the PTMinder app means the stress of ‘I should’ now translates to ‘I have booked and therefore I will!’ I think I’m perhaps the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my life - even more so than when I was in my 20’s!

Just start!!! You’ll feel like a superhero from the first class, and that feeling translates into all areas of your life.

Simone Reinhardt Photographer

Needed to Get Fit

I needed to get fit and improve my endurance. I was not sure if the ICE program would do this because the classes were only 30 minutes but at such good value for money, I thought I would give it a go.

After a few weeks doing ICE I soon realised that the ICE classes of only 30 minutes will take you all the way. So the myth about working out hours on end wasn’t true.

I definitely recommend ICE to anyone who is looking to get fit. I love the variety of the sessions and the fact that they are short but intense. And not to forget the great training partners and friends I have met during the program!

Lies Vanmechelen Manager

Full of Beans

In just two weeks of ICE classes, doing 3 classes per week, I've experienced some amazing changes:

  • Much more toned, particularly legs and core;

  • Excellent mood;

  • Sleeping brilliantly;

  • Great digestion (was feeling quite bloated 2 weeks ago);

  • Skin is glowing, especially a few hours post session;

  • Craving healthy, nourishing foods;

  • Huge decrease in alcohol (hey, I’m already relaxed!);

  • A general feeling of contentment and all-round calmness;

  • Less stressed and therefore a happier, more ‘full-of-beans’ mum;

  • Feelings of ‘Elation’ post workout- that natural high is real!!

Simone Reinhardt Pharmacy Assistant

Feeling Motivated and More Energised

Before joining ICE I was doing little (occasionally walking my dogs) to no exercise at all. I found myself always saying that I would do it tomorrow or the next day... but that day never came. I found myself feeling constantly sluggish with very low motivation levels. In the past I have had multiple gym memberships and never used them. Constantly saying I would use them and integrate them into my routine, but then never actually committing to going.

Having been with ICE for a year now I can truely say it has become a part of my weekly routine and I find myself extremely motivated to return again and again. The biggest positive and incentive of ICE for myself is the fact that all I have to do it show up. All of the exercises and content of the workout is organised for me, and Steve ensures that I am doing the exercise in the correct form preventing injury and that I am getting the most from every exercise. This is the biggest difference of ICE from other avenues of exercise I have tried. I would often arrive at the gym and be overwhelmed with how and what workout to do as well as not knowing if I was even doing the exercises correctly.

While with ICE I leave every session feeling as though I have worked extremely hard and gotten the absolute most out of every workout. Another thing that is different about ICE is the fact that every session you are surrounded by like minded individuals who are there for all the same reasons. The community is very welcoming and encouraging for all levels of fitness from beginners to experienced individuals, unlike a lot of other classes or gyms I've been to.

If you are constantly telling yourself that you want to start exercising or increase how often you exercise but find yourself feeling overwhelmed or inexperienced, ICE is the perfect place for you. It is a program for all individuals, from beginners to experienced. You leave every session feeling positive and motivated to return knowing you are getting the most out of your workout. You will also feel better about yourself, motivated and more energised within your daily life.

Tahlia Hudson Self employed
Unlimited ICE classes for $25 per week
Virgina Gahan


"At the time I joined, I was swimming laps (30) about 3 times a week and doing a walk/slow jog once or twice a week (about 4-5Km). I felt like I was just coasting. If you want to get fitter, stronger and work out with a friendly community of like minded people, then ICE is the right option.

Aisling Kenny

Pharmacovigilance Manager

"Steve got to know me and really listened to what my goals were. He then pushed me (within my own limits) and helped achieve them (and more!). Because he cares, he is passionate about what he does, and that helps build a great team spirit. The workouts are short and sweet and can be squeezed into your day so there is no excuses of having no time."


Service Centre Manager

"I have seen Steve actually do the same workouts that he gets us to do. That shows me he knows what he is talking about, which is sadly something that I can’t say for other instructors that I have looked into. The length of time of the workouts is a huge factor for me, but that never stops him from ensuring we are doing them right."

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Contact me for a 1 week trial to see if ICE is for you and if you can get to at least 2 classes per week.

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