Why I don't Give Out Meal Plans

I get it. I truly do.

You want to lose weight or get to your dream body and you really just don’t know where to start.

  • What foods do I eat?
  • How much can I have?
  • Do I cut out all the bread?
  • What about rice & pasta? 
  • How many calories should I have per day?

To help, you find some YouTube or Instagram sensation and get their Meal Plan program. You decide to give it a ‘red hot go’ and stick rigidly to it. 

The trouble is you had to turn your whole life upside down in order to do so!

You had to change everything at once and eat foods that you didn’t really enjoy, and if you are honest with yourself, you got sick of eating the same thing within just a couple weeks! And you were making different meals for your family! Who’s got time for that!

You achieved some results on the scales, but I can guarantee you were moody, were a pain in the arse to be around, and you just wanted to binge on everything other than what was on the meal plan!

What happened next? It was not long before it got a little too hard because you could not maintain it so you packed it in. Your body rebounded shortly after, true?

What meal plans don’t take into consideration:

❌ how frequently you eat now. No point stuffing 6 meals in if you are only used to eating 2-3 times a day.

❌ the current state of your metabolism.

❌ your daily routine. What if you’re a shift worker?,

❌ whether you are sick/tired/emotional. Yes these all directly influence appetite.

❌ your food likes/dislikes. Try eating food you really don’t like and see how long that lasts.

❌ sleeping patterns, work schedule, daily energy levels, exercise routines.

❌ your current build/stature. Somebody tall/somebody short will have different energy requirements. And probably the biggest one and most important,

❌ your current HABITS! Habits beat good intentions every time, and until you address the habits that got you where you are now, you might get to where you want to go but I bet you won’t be there for very long.

Meal plans make you work harder than you really need to!!!

If you change everything all at once, and you get a fantastic result, then you have to keep doing what you’re doing to keep those results!

Let’s say you could get a result by only just changing 1-2 things. Wouldn’t that be easier,  better, and more sustainable? 

Meal plans also don’t show you how to choose for yourself and you have to follow them to a tee. Who wants that? 👎👎👎BORING!

Wouldn’t it be better to get a little education so you can create your own ‘meal plan’, and therefore change it whenever you want? That way, you’re always making things you enjoy eating, and therefore want less of the rubbish anyway.

If this is something you would like to explore, have a look at my Body Shaper program which incorporates my Metabolic Nutrition program. You will become empowered to gain control over your food choices and learn how to sustain a healthy and delicious way of eating for the rest of your life.