After you’ve found your ‘WHY’ (click here if you need help with that) and started your new health and fitness journey, what comes next?

It’s often a massive leap to decide to start, but to start is NOT enough; it’s not enough on its own. You’ll need one big ingredient to set yourself up for success, and it’s NOT motivation. Motivation is fleeting and will ebb and flow, especially after the ‘honeymoon’ period of 4-6 weeks. What you need is COMMITMENT! Commit to yourself and lock yourself in for the duration!

I bet you’re thinking "what the hell does that even mean?"

Let me explain.

Motivation does not last forever. You will lose it along the way, and that’s OK, it’s to be expected!

The goals we all seek that will produce permanent change are not ones that will be achieved in a couple of weeks or months. These are usually12 month goals, sometimes even 18 to 24 month goals.

It’s unrealistic to think you can hold your motivation for that long. It will come and go. I know mine definitely does.

What will last then? Well, it’s the commitment that you make to yourself. You are the most important thing that you need to work on. Yes, YOU. “But isn’t that selfish?” I hear you say. Hell no! A better you means a better parent, a better parter, a better friend.

Make that commitment to yourself now!

Now let’s etch that commitment in concrete - you must now write it down, tell your friends and family, make it public.

Knowing that you have made a commitment to yourself, and telling others you have made that commitment is what will get your through when you’re feeling down. It is what will get you though the tough times when your motivation wanes. It is what will keep you focused when you want to quit. It is what will stop you from giving up and moving onto the next ‘big thing’ that’s going around.

Now plan your year. Plan your end goal (what you want to achieve) and break it down.

Breaking your end goal down into progress goals with help you stay on track. These progress goals will act as your ‘virtual upper cut’ when motivation disappears on you. They will keep your mind focused on the commitment you’ve made to yourself.

Break your end goal down into 2-3 progress goals for the year, but if you want to do more than 3, go for it; do whatever works for you.

Just like you main goal, now write down your progress goals. Here’s a tip for you. Use these progress goals to include the PROCESSES or the ACTIVITY of what’s needed in order to reach your end goal. For example: ‘After 3 months, I will improve my food choices, I will consistently make all my workouts, and I will fit in to my jeans again.’

You can now break down that 3 month goal even more: ‘After 1 month, I will get through my workouts better, and will reduce the number of glasses of wine I have by half’.

Try your own, but remember:

  1. Make your end goal public – tell everyone! It will help keep you accountable.
  2. Write down and set progress goals. It doesn’t matter what you choose as your progress goals, just remember to make them SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely, i.e., have a date on them).
  3. Include the processes/activities you need to do to achieve your SMART progress goals.

Achieving a long lasting permanent change to how you look, function and feel is not a short process. I wish it was quick, but the truth is it’s NOT! Sure, you can definitely lose weight quickly, but your health and energy levels will suffer, and any result you achieve will be very short lived.

Permanent change takes time and a lot of effort, but by following these steps and committing to yourself for the year, you will push forward even on your worst days.

I look forward to seeing you posting up your goals on the Facebook Community Page (remember, make your goal public to help keep yourself accountable) and then working your tail off to achieve them.