I have been working out with Steve, at Eternally Fit for 18 months now.
I started doing one Metafit Session per week, then quickly moved to three per week (two Metafit and one Group Training). I now do six sessions per week (two Metafit, two MetaPWR, one Boxing and one Group Training).
Steve is more than my trainer. He is my counsellor, motivator, friend…. the list goes on.
I have lost over 20 Kg in the last 18 months, and I actually love the person I see in the mirror! It has been a complete physical and psychological overhaul – I’ve gone from a miserable fatty to someone who is genuinely happy with their body and their life, and I could write a book on how much my life has changed in the past 18 months.
I would recommend Eternally Fit to anyone who wants to change their life!

Flik Bingham

I’m so glad I found Eternally fit, my friend asked me along to a class and I’ve been hooked ever since. The classes fit in with my busy life because they’re only half an hour I don’t feel like I’m away for too long at night. Also because I pay a monthly unlimited fee I’m free to do Pilates, boot camp as well as metafit! Since I’ve joined I’ve become stronger and I feel fitter too. Steve and his team are great, I feel supported every step of the way. Definently worth giving a try!!!

Joanna Vosper

Kate and I started Metafit in Scotland and we needed something that helped get us in shape which would fit around Kate’s long work hours, without using up our valuable free time at weekends …. so short timeslots and intense exercise was a formula that worked well.

We struggled to find Metafit classes in Australia, when we moved here 18 months ago until we found Eternally Fit.
Steve was one of the first Metafit trainers in NSW and came to our rescue, we now take his classes twice weekly.

We want to look and feel our best to tackle physical challenges, e.g., 10 days hiking in the Mongolian wilderness last year, local bush-walking with SBW and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro next February. Prior to Metafit these would have been more daunting to take on, also we would probably be different sizes and shapes without Eternally Fit.

I am probably Eternally Fit’s oldest client at 63. Keeping fit and in shape when there is not much free time outside work is important. From our experience of Metafit in the UK, Steve brings out more exercise effort from us in class and also coaches us with technique improvement much better than we had before.
Our strength and endurance has improved greatly as a consequence, so we plan to add a third class to our weekly regime.

The intensity of Metafit exercise seems to keep us strong and healthy. We can do it during the week outside office hours, so it does not adversely encroach upon our free-time. Friends are generally impressed how we keep in shape and can take on the big physical stuff, even though we are older than the most people who would consider doing Metafit.

John Beales

Before doing Metafit my biggest struggle was finding time to exercise. I have two young boys, a three year old and a one year old. They are VERY active so was hard to find time during the day and by the night I was too exhausted.

This struggle to find time to exercise affected my life considerably. I have anxiety and need to exercise to keep a healthy mind.

Metafit has really helped me as the 30 minute class is the perfect time frame for me with my young family. I feel like I am getting “me” time and I am also enjoying the results!

Life is different for me now as I am healthier physically and mentally. I have more energy for my boys!

Claire Fenton

My biggest frustration was time, money, and motivation. Due to my work hours I find it hard to get going in the morning to exercise, however I am now getting into a routine of walking once the girls have left and I have now added Eternally Fit classes twice on a weekday and also on a Friday night.

With my job I don’t get to see my friends that much as we are all busy on the weekends. But doing Eternally Fit means I can see my friends as well as making new ones.

I need to lose weight (35-45kg or more), the quicker I do it the better, but then I need to maintain it. I am on track as exercise is addictive once you get going. The eating part takes awhile to get going, but once on a roll, it is easy.

For 3-4years I suffered from severe pain in my feet. It took 18 months to diagnose what was wrong and during that I persevered but was in extreme pain just driving yet alone walking. Once I had surgery I was back to exercise but then the other foot went the same way and again underwent surgery. But having complication after this second one, I lost faith in myself, was depressed.

I am ever so grateful for finding Eternally Fit and their classes as I need the motivation to push myself towards my goal. I am now doing more walking too as gives me a chance to think about life and what life can be like when I reach my goal!

Kath Yates

My struggle in life is boredom! Before discovering this wonderful institution called Eternally Fit I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week.  This became just pure routine and I got to the point where I wasn’t seeing any results.  I tried all the classes to try and mix things up but they were so full at times you couldn’t move let alone breathe!

I stopped going to the gym, after something tragic in my life happened.  I had no motivation at all.  Then about a year later I found Steve.  I attended bootcamp on a Tues/Thurs night which I really loved and the results were amazing.  Unfortunately I then went through PTSD and I am still working through this and stopped bootcamp.  Steve never forgot me though.  He regularly contacted me and asked where I was and tried to encourage me back.  We had a lot of conversations over a coffee and gradually I have gained back my confidence and my motivation.  But unfortunately I have also gained the KILOS!! Grrrrrr.

I’m now back with Steve for 2 x PT sessions a week which I love (and hate), Steve is an amazing trainer but more importantly he cares and has a genuine interest in ‘you’ the person. He is passionate about what he can do to help you from both a fitness perspective and personal perspective.

Life for me now is all about getting back to normal.  I’m feeling energised and ready to get back to being fit and healthy (in body and mind).  Eternally Fit has and is helping me get there. I truely think this fitness family is a great motivational team full of normal people just wanting to get the most out of themselves.

Amanda Perrie

My biggest struggle was a lack of motivation to go to the gym. I would be motivated for a day and then not go for a month which after a month, would make me frustrated with the waste of money and frustrated because my body felt disgusting.

Lacking motivation to go to the gym meant I was unfit and eating an unhealthy diet which together made me feel lethargic, cranky and consequently lead me to put on 7 Kg. Before starting at Eternally Fit I was extremely unhappy with my body image which would cause me to not care about what I ate which only made the problem worse.

Eternally Fit gave me a positive attitude towards fitness as the fun but still hard working classes were enjoyable (not something I thought I’d ever say). The Metafit classes are also only 30-minutes meaning if you’re short on time, they are perfect.

Life is different for me now as I enjoy fitness which has in turn made me care more about what I’m eating. I’ve lost weight from this and now feel a lot better about myself and my body image. Having confidence in myself and body has flowed through to other parts of my life and has changed my general outlook on life. I didn’t think that exercising would have such a profound effect on my life but I now try things outside of my comfort zone and lead an overall much happier life.

Ashleigh McEwen

I have always believed in health, fitness and being well. Due to circumstances 2 years ago I fell out of the fitness routine.  My health showed signs of burn out and I was tired all the time and the biological clock was ticking on. I started pumping nutrition into my body while I was looking for the right fitness option. My daughter invited me to bootcamp with Steve. I knew I found what I was looking for: a good workout with variety, catering for all fitness levels, good time slots and value for money.

Life has started to hit the sweet spot with Eternally Fit. Come and try it for yourself.

Drienie von Zelewski

I was struggling finding the motivation to go to the gym and was tired of the group classes (step and pump) as I had been participating in them for a number of years. I Needed a change to motivate myself to leave the house and to participate in a decent workout. I enjoyed my running (which I still do) but needed something else to mix it up. In the past I have been part of other personal training groups but liked the idea of the Metafit concept – high intensity for a shorter period of time. No standing around. Time effective for someone whom is time poor (like most of us).

I was getting frustrated with consistency in applying myself to fitness training sessions each week and this made me feel flat and lazy at times. I also felt guilty as exercise has always been a big part of my life.

Eternally Fit has helped me to get back on track with my fitness goals (in particular cardio). I have found the classes to be intense and effective. The tuition is solid and the groups are very welcoming to new members. I have enjoyed developing friendships too with other members.

Since starting with Eternally Fit I feel that I have more energy and my cardio improvements have helped with my running goals. I am exploring the opportunity of attending additional classes (in particular bootcamp) to increase my chances of taking my fitness to the next level.

Alison Prokop

I always found it hard to find the motivation to actually get out there and try and get fit, however when I did, I was alway frustrated as I didn’t know what I was really doing.

I wasn’t feeling too good about myself, I wasn’t a fan of looking at my stomach in the mirror. Not because I felt fat or anything more just it was toned compared to others and It annoyed me. I wasn’t overly happy with my body. I was excited to start with eternally fit but kept my expectations low as I hadn’t had much luck in the past.

Eternally Fit has given me a lot more motivation, something to look forward to, and something to work towards. It’s also given me a clear time to do my workout in and allows me to fit it in with all my other commitments.

I now exercise more often, have the motivation and determination to do it, and I actually get excited/nervous to go to a class. I’m a long way off my goal but at least I feel I am on the right track now.

James Zappia

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