Energise your life. Get healthy. Feel confident, strong, and sexy in your own skin.
Plus keep it for the rest of your life!

Let me help you change your life...

  • Receive a fully structured personalised training and nutrition program with ongoing support and motivation.
  • Learn how to overcome your lack of motivation.
  • Learn how to conquer your emotional eating. 
  • Work around your old injuries.
  • Too busy? Not a problem - all you need is a small handful of hours per week.

When you join my team, I promise that I will...

  • Design a training program for your needs, regardless of injury or limitations.
  • Educate and empower you to make food choices that you enjoy, can sustain, and will help you get fit, get strong, and lose weight.
  • Surround you with a support network of people just like you on their own journey to keep you engaged and motivated.
  • Be there every step of the way to answer your questions and support you.

Mitchell Kemmis

Executive Manager, Personal Injury Finance

"Before I met Steve, exercise was something I was never able to commit to or prioritise, it was always easy to find an excuse not to do it.  Steve helped me turn exercise and nutrition into a passion.  As a result. I lost over 20kg in fat, built muscle and significantly improved my fitness and most importantly my outlook on life.  Steve has been a fantastic coach and mentor on my fitness and weight loss journey and continues to push me to achieve more and be the best version of myself."

Lies Vanmechelan

Manager, Policy Management & Design

"I enjoyed attending Steve’s ICE sessions when he decided to offer a broader program called Transformation. 2018 was all about me and putting my health first. The intent was always there but I struggled to put myself at the top of priorities. I was convinced I had healthy eating habits but the end result never showed. So as I hit another number on the scale, it was the right time to give it 200%.
After one cycle, I had visible results for the first time (also confirmed by the body scan done). Steve set me up to succeed with small steps in the transformation bible, guidance on how to improve the quality of the sessions rather than the quantity. I feel better educated on ‘when’ and ‘what’ to eat. The biggest change was in my energy levels which is a welcome change.
I would highly recommend Eternally Fit because of:
* Steve’s dedication to your health - not only talking but the hands on makes all the difference;
* his knowledge will set you up to get the results you are waiting for - looking for that perfect balance between exercise and nutrition; and
* the great group spirit we have within Eternally Fit. Lots of support, laughs and banter while exercising makes it all a bit more enjoyable!"

John Beales


"I retired quite young and soon realised that my body was going into retirement too. To combat the growing mid-drift, I ate less, but frustratingly inches tend to come off everywhere else!
Steve has re-educated me, so I now understand how important it is to feed correctly along with his focused, intense training. This transformation has been a real eye-opener and my body is responding well and saying thank you every day. I can eat as much as I like now and I have energy to spare.
Muscle tone and definition of my younger years has returned, along with body strength that I never had before. Thank you Steve for the insight and for a body that looks and feels like it should.
The Eternally Fit classes and the people I train with are warm, friendly and welcoming with a true family feel. Of all training initiatives I have ever participated in, Eternally Fit stands out by miles."

Create a Body You Can be Proud of

It’s amazing how many people exercise regularly week-in, week-out, month after month or even year after year, and they never really improve how they look. They never see fantastic results from literally hundreds and hundreds of hours racked-up in the gym. Maybe that person is you.

Some people blame their poor exercise habits - they think they don’t spend enough time exercising. However, did you know that an effective exercise program – a program that achieves optimum health, fitness and amazing improvements in body shape, should only take up about 3% of your week!

The right exercise is important. It is the catalyst. However, it should take up a very small portion of your week, really, not much more than 3%. Unless you’re training for a specific endurance event like the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, why would you really want to spend more time exercising?

The key to the results you are looking for is combining the right amount of exercise with Metabolic Nutrition – A tailored nutrition plan developed for you to optimise health and speed results from exercise. This isn’t a diet, and much more than an eating plan. Together, you and I systematically construct a plan based on the very latest nutrition research, to suit your individual needs in every way.

Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition is the centre-piece of Metabolic Precision – the internationally recognised, science-based, research-proven transformation program. 

Metabolic Nutrition is designed for individuals that need tailored solutions for health, performance & the body they really want without having to attend face-to-face consultations with an MP Certified Transformation Specialist. 

A product of over 25 years of research by Dr Paul Cribb PhD – an award winning Australian Research Scientist. 

Experts tell us The Metabolic Nutrition Program is the most comprehensive yet easy to follow & implement On-line Transformation Coaching Program anywhere in the world! Metabolic Nutrition is more like a complete experience in peak performance living! 

Forget the spread sheets and meal plan printouts, you deserve so much more from a Coach! 

Permanent, sustainable, healthy weight loss.

When you sign up to my exclusive coaching program, you are given the hands-on and personalised guidance that has been proven to work for real people just like you from all walks of life.

Let me help you lose the weight and never find it again.

Let me help you get empowered and strong.

No more diets that make you hate life. No more wasted gym memberships. No more up-and-down battles with motivation.

I am almost 50 years old with a 16 year old daughter. I work full time and have a busy social life. I have been doing the Transformation Program now for over 12 months and I can tell you it’s been horrendous, fun, emotional, eye opening and rewarding!
To all of you out there who believe you can ‘transform your entire body in just 12 weeks’ (insert here a photo of a very trim six packed person who once used to be 150kg!!) don’t believe all the BULLSHIT you read and see. This journey is one that takes time, a huge amount of patience and most importantly for you to believe in yourself.

My learnings:
· Embrace the shit days - we all have them. Don't be of the mindset that you HAVE to get it 100% right straight away otherwise you will fail – you will get there but this takes time.
· Portion control - smaller meals more often.
· Its OK to stuff up – no-one is going to lock you up and throw away the key.
· I cannot emphasise how important sleep is.
· Throw away the scales.
· Do the tasks your coach (Steve) sets for you – especially the food diary, your coach will need this vital bit of info to keep you on track.

The biggest lesson I have learnt, is that I am ME, there is no one like me and this means never comparing myself to anyone else. The journey is a hard - if it was easy EVERYONE would have done it by now. I have definitely improved in strength, improved my fitness, am eating regularly, and have a much better knowledge of what I need to do keep moving forward … this is WAY MORE THAN I had/knew when I first started. With these tools, I am committed to continuing the journey to strive and believe that I can get to where I want to be. A Challenge is not a challenge unless it challenges you ;-)

Amanda Perrie

Executive Assistant

How Does it Work?

Each week you will learn the key aspects and implement the systems!

We'll develop a plan to suit your needs perfectly in every way!

You'll develop the knowledge, skills & tools to allow you to find the solutions to the food situations you face each day!

You Will...

Gain access to your own online coach webpage.

Receive weekly emails and a list of tasks to complete where you will be accountable to me with your nutrition and training.

Receive comprehensive feedback and coaching on your nutrition compliancy.

Gain access to a private Facebook group for extra motivation and support.

You Will Also Receive

Beautifully Presented Manual

Metabolic nutrition timing. The metabolically precise meal construction system. The kitchen makeover system. The 10 point exercise system. How to monitor your plan without counting a single calorie!

The MP Cookbible

Over 175 gourmet-quality recipes that optimise health and fat loss results.

Turn Your car or Phone into a Mobile University

Learn the principles of success. The steps to creating a great plan. How to nutritionally accelerate recovery after exercise, boost energy during workouts, and trigger rapid changes in body shape.


Access to mp-body.com

As if this isn’t enough you also gain access to a complete e-resource packed full of research-based, unbiased information that will help you achieve your goals. Cutting-edge articles, Special Reports, Metabolic Nutrition tutorials, exercise instruction videos, Complete Transformation programs and workouts by expert trainers and World Champion athletes for men, for women, programs to suit over 50's, over 60's and beyond! Plus over 500 Q&A's on every aspect of transformation, exercise training and nutrition. Whenever you need clear informative information on anything to do with health and fitness, mp-body.com will have it! Updated daily this amazing resource is yours FREE!

"So many people spend every day feeling awful about themselves, believing they're stuck in an overweight, unhealthy body forever...it doesn't have to be that way!

Let me help you change your life..."

Who Am I Looking to Work With?

I'm not here to muck around. I'm here to transform lives. If the following description sounds like you, I want to hear from you!

  • You've struggled with your weight for way too long.
  • You want to feel strong, full of energy and empowered.
  • You've tried diets, gym memberships etc and nothing seems to stick or work.
  • You constantly struggle with motivation.
  • It feels like you just don't have the time to do this even though you really want to.
  • You don't know where to start and need someone to show you the way.
  • Be willing to commit to 12 months of accountability.
  • Be able to commit to 3-4 training sessions a week.
  • Be ready to step it up and really take your transformation to the next level.

Apply now to work personally with me to:

  • Eat lots of yummy food.
  • Exercise for only a handful of hours per week.
  • Create your own blueprint for success.
  • Get the results you deserve - and know how to keep them!
  • Get more support and motivation.
  • Create a tailored plan for your lifestyle.
  • Learn the tools to make it a lifestyle for the whole family.

Improve How You Look

Get the body you've always wanted but never thought possible.

Improve How You Function

More energy. Sleep better. Keep up with the kids!

Improve How You Feel

Stay Strong.

Stay Healthy.

Stay Happy.

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 $108 per week (over 45 payments) or $4860 upfront
  • Vicki
  • Mitch
  • Edwina